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    Cool T-shirt Designs That Inspire

    I am always on the lookout for inspiration and awareness of what is going on in the design world. I will be starting a series of blog posts about what I find to be the best graphic T-shirt designs I have seen. These will be a=some combination of inspiring, impactful, meaningful, beautiful and just damn good design work. Here we go…

    Blue Deer
    by Huebucket from Society6.

    Simple and well designed shirt that uses lifework and your imagination to solidify the drawing into a real creature. nature growing from the antlers to extend the beauty of the animal into a more personal space we can confront and accept. 



    I Want My Blue Sky

    by Budi Satria Kwan from Society6

    Breaking the shirt surface by pushing the viewer into the depth of the 3d design, the artist has created a world into your soul which is rich with symbolism and color. Excellent design.



    Great Horned Owl
    by BIOWORKZ from Society6

    Incredible craftsmanship in the patterning and visual contrast of the combined feather forms. Almost iconic in its power and visual strength. The key gives the owl a great resting place on the shirt so it does not feel like the bird is jut floating.

    When Good is Not Good Enough—Design

    The latest shirt I put into the store was one I have been working on for quite some time. Every time I thought it was done I had reservations and questions. It was not done. The design process is one of asking questions and satisfying the initial design concept. Both the concept of the design and the correlating visual aesthetic of the shirt were not completed or just plain agreed with me until today. No more gut wrench reaction of worry or hesitation. Another design can be added for everyone to enjoy. This will be the first shirt in the new Esoterics Collection.

    Designing T-shirts for Los Angeles

    Coming up with designs about Los Angeles and that represent Los Angeles is not an easy process. It is always an active experiment. But the more I work the more I see the possibilities of design. Some from this part of town and some from this culture. Add them together and you can have a failure or a wonderful design approach. I definitely wanted a positive direction with creative unbounded. At some point the design has to overcome the fear of people not appreciating or accepting it and just exist on its own. Every design is a contribution to the greater cause and has a voice that can speak to someone here in Los Angeles. Design on.

    Landmarks of L.A.—Symbols of America

    In one of my latest designs, the City Cloud shirt, I combined every Los Angeles Landmark I created into one large cloud design. The imagery represents the historical and cultural significance of Los Angeles, covering a long history since the 1800's as a city (obviously, roots go much further than that) and all the various groups of people who have made this city and surrounding areas what they are today. Check out the details in the landmarks and you will be surprised to find that they cover LA and greater LA, maybe something significant near you. There is still so much more to represent. The city is so diverse in it's heritage and contemporary characteristics, that it has something for everyone somewhere in its sprawling mass. It is a city of America and transparently represents that. Take pride in your L.A.

    Beauty of Los Angeles

    There are so many parts of Los Angeles that have their own special historical and cultural significance. From Little Tokyo to Bunker Hill to Olivera Street to Venice and beyond, the lay of the land various so much with all the variations in food, fashion, ceremonies and celebrations. There is too much to do and to much to represent accurately, although I will give it my best to represent them as I continue my work.