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    News — clothing

    L.A. Love Shirts Custom Designer T-Shirts is Rocking

    So, the designer T-shirt shop LALoveShirts.com is open and I am reaching out on Instagram (laloveshirts) and Facebook (L.A. Love Shirts) for awareness and just to get my designs out there. On the history of this endeavor, I spent many hours reading through the history of Los Angeles and the majority of its neighborhoods and surrounding cities to understand the cultural significance and to develop a visual design language that would speak to L.A. From movie posters, to old maps, to historical structures and events, as well as modern day kitsch, I want to add something positive to L.A. amid all the negativity that exists. There is a rich history, wonderful neighborhoods and exciting communities here in Los Angeles that deserve love. I am using my extensive art and design background to create these designs for this positivity. I am trying to spread the love and use local printers and T-shirt companies to help me create my shirts. Time to inspire Los Angeles and inspire the world. Come back and check out the work often. Thank you!