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    Cool T-shirt Designs That Inspire

    I am always on the lookout for inspiration and awareness of what is going on in the design world. I will be starting a series of blog posts about what I find to be the best graphic T-shirt designs I have seen. These will be a=some combination of inspiring, impactful, meaningful, beautiful and just damn good design work. Here we go…

    Blue Deer
    by Huebucket from Society6.

    Simple and well designed shirt that uses lifework and your imagination to solidify the drawing into a real creature. nature growing from the antlers to extend the beauty of the animal into a more personal space we can confront and accept. 



    I Want My Blue Sky

    by Budi Satria Kwan from Society6

    Breaking the shirt surface by pushing the viewer into the depth of the 3d design, the artist has created a world into your soul which is rich with symbolism and color. Excellent design.



    Great Horned Owl
    by BIOWORKZ from Society6

    Incredible craftsmanship in the patterning and visual contrast of the combined feather forms. Almost iconic in its power and visual strength. The key gives the owl a great resting place on the shirt so it does not feel like the bird is jut floating.